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Our Services

Apostille Indonesia Serivces.

Our Services

An overview of the services you offer and how they will benefit the visitor.

Apostille Services

We prepare and deliver a full range of Apostille services to enable our clients to have their documents legalised under the international Apostille convention. This allows all our clients to have a variety of documents apostilled for use in Indonesia or internationally.

To fully understand Apostille of documents please read our Blog on this subject.

apostille indonesia

Legal Document Translation

Document translation is an essential part of the International Apostille Convention. We provide  a full legal translation services between several languages. As this is a specialised service for each client, please read more on the translation page and then contact us for detailed information on your requirements.

high quality Apostille Indonesian legal translations

Indonesian Drivers licenses

Driving in Indonesia can be challenging at best. We advise all international visitors to bring an International License with them before driving any vehicle in the country. However, for those wishing to reside in the country a local driving license is more advisable.

We will assist you in acquiring the license is the fastest possible time.

Driving License Indonesia


This is question requires an extensive answer. Please visit this page to determine what your requirements are and what we can help you with.

Find out More

Apsotille of documents requires many factors. The document must be in the right language and there are a variety of costs for each type of document being submitted.

It it therefore necessary to discuss each client requirements personally with your consultant here to determine the total cost.

Please contact us and provide as much information as you can.

Each type of document has it’s own process. However, in most cases the process can be complete within 14 days. If you have an extensive number of documents or require specialised service, your consultant will discuss this in details while working on your requirements.

You will notice that initial contact for Apostille Services connects direct via WhatsApp. It is important to discuss this personally on a one-to-one basis to explore exactly what is required and determine costs.

This process allows out clients to have tailored services and understand what budgeting is required. Following this a detailed quotation will be provided before any serices or payment is required.

Each client has their own particular requirements. However, in general the process is quite straightforward and we streamline it to make sure your project is complete on time.

There are no real guarantees on legal procedures. Nevertheless, we provide a satisfaction-or-your-money-back guarantee for all our services.

Please discuss this with your personal consultant.


All our services are “Express Services”. Apsotille Indonesia has unique relationship with all the legal professionals authorised to carry out all our services.

As such we can ensure that your documentation will be process as Express in all cases.

In rare cases, documents provides and processed do not meet the requirements of the authority their are being submitted to.

In cases like this, please contact your consultant directly and we will find a way to resolve this issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We have extensive connection in these areas and quite often “shake-the-tree” to free up the process.

We are part of the Ratu Rajasa Group of companies.

Our group handles a variety of processes including visa and residency services, company registration.

Insurance, property and other services will be available very soon.

For further information please visit out sister site here.

Our sister Site


More services are coming on line soon.

If you have a particular item you would like us to handle that is not covered in our services here, please feel free to contact us and discuss what you have in mind.

For a variety of visas to enter the country and setting up legal entities in the country in order to operate legal businesses  you are welcome to visit our other group comapny that handles these items independently.

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