How To Transfer Your KITAS/KITAP to a New Passport in Indonesia

transfer kitas information to new passport
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As an expatriate living in Indonesia, navigating through bureaucratic procedures, especially those related to immigration, can be challenging. One such process is transferring your Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) or Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP) information to a new passport after the expiration of the old one. To simplify this process for you, we’ve outlined the necessary steps and documents required for a smooth transition.

Understanding the Process

When your passport expires, the need to transfer your KITAS/KITAP information to a new passport arises to ensure your legal status remains valid in Indonesia. This process involves more than just obtaining a new passport; it requires submitting certain documents to the immigration office for endorsement. Understanding the steps involved and the required documentation can help expatriates navigate through this bureaucratic procedure with ease.

Required Documents

  1. Perdim 27 Form: Obtain this form from the immigration office. It serves as an application for transferring your permit to the new passport. Note that the Perdim 27 form is only available in Indonesian, which may pose a challenge for non-Indonesian-speaking foreigners. In such cases, assistance from an expert proficient in both Indonesian and the applicant’s native language can be invaluable in accurately filling out the form.
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  2. Application Letter from the Guarantor: A letter stating the request for transferring the permit, signed by your guarantor.
  3. Copy of the Guarantor’s e-KTP: Include a copy of the guarantor’s electronic identity card.
  4. Old and New Passports: Provide both original and copy of the identity page and the visa stamp page of both passports.
  5. KITAS/KITAP Documents: Submit both the original and a copy of your KITAS/KITAP.
  6. Company Documents (if applicable): If your company is the guarantor, include copies of NPWP, Business License, NIB, Deed of Establishment, and Deed of Changes of the company/foundation with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights’ approval decree.
  7. Stamped Power of Attorney and Certificate of Employment (if using a representative): If someone else is submitting the request on your behalf, provide a stamped power of attorney and a certificate of employment of the representative.
  8. IMTA/RPTKA Validation and DPKK (for foreign workers): Include both original and copy of these documents if you are a foreign worker holding a KITAS/KITAP.
  9. Copy of KEMDIKBUD Study Permit Approval Letter (for student KITAS holders): If you hold a student KITAS, include a copy of the study permit approval letter from KEMDIKBUD.
  10. Marriage Certificate, Family Certificate, & Birth Certificate (for family KITAS/KITAP holders): If you hold a family KITAS/KITAP, provide copies of these documents.

Additional Requirements
Ensure that all copies of the documents are in A4 paper size, as per the immigration office’s guidelines.

Transferring your KITAS/KITAP information to a new passport is a crucial step to maintain your legal status in Indonesia. By following these steps and preparing the required documents meticulously, you can streamline the process and avoid any complications. Should you require assistance or further clarification, do not hesitate to seek guidance from our experts here.

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