What You Need To Know About Notaries: Key Steps

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A frequent misconception among clients is believing that once their document is notarized, the next and only step required is obtaining the apostille, overlooking the crucial need to verify the notary’s registration status as a registered notary.

Many clients come with documents that are already notarized, expecting the apostille to be a straightforward next step. However, if the notary who signed their document is not on the MenKumHam (the Ministry of Law and Regulations) list of registered notaries, the document will not qualify for an apostille. This results in unnecessary delays and the need to redo the notarization with a properly registered notary.

Common Misunderstandings:

  • Assuming all notaries are the same: Not every public notary is qualified for documents intended for international use. Always ensure they are on the KumHam list.
  • Ignoring updates: Registration statuses can change. Regularly check for the most current list of registered notaries.
  • Incomplete information: Ensure all parts of your document are fully and correctly field out during notarization to avoid rejections.
  • Overlooking verification: Even if a document is already notarized, always verify the notary’s registration status before proceeding with the apostille.

Importance of Using a Registered Notary

For a document to be eligible for an apostille, it must be notarized by a notary who is registered with the appropriate governing body, such as KumHam Department. This registration confirms that the notary is authorized to perform notarizations that are recognized for international use.

KumHam maintains a comprehensive list of registered notaries. It is important to consult this list to ensure that the notary you choose is duly registered. Failing to do so can lead to your document being rejected for apostille, causing delays and additional expenses. To avoid these issues, we can assist you in ensuring your document is properly notarized by a registered notary.

Steps to Ensure Proper Notarization

  1. Verify Notary Registration: Before you have your document notarized, check the KumHam list of registered notaries. This list is usually available on the official website or have it checked with us.
  2. Notarization: Have your document notarized by a notary from the KumHam list. Ensure all details are correct and complete.
  3. Double-check: Even after notarization, re-verify the notary’s registration status. It’s not uncommon to change their registration status, and an error here can invalidate your apostille process.

Navigating the apostille process requires careful attention to detail, especially concerning the notary’s registration status. Thorough preparation and verification are the keys to a smooth and successful apostille experience. If you need assistance with notarization or verification, whether for visa application, scholarship, or any other purpose, we are here to help ensure your document is properly notarized and ready for apostille.

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